ShenZhen LIJIE Decoration Design Company is Shenzhen Qianhai International InvestmentHolding (group) co., LTD., The company with a number of green buildingdecoration  qualification. The company registered capital of more than 100million yuan. Group is composed of multiple subsidiary comprehensive enterpriseincludingShenzhen Qianhaiinternational investment holding (group) co., LTD., China Lijie decorationtechnology (Hong Kong) co., LTD., International ConstructionEngineering(Tanzania) Co., LTD., Shenzhen Xin Li Jie Furniture Co., LTD.,Shenzhen Lijie stone co., LTD., YCERA Limited, Shenzhen Guo Guang Hui labordispatching Co., LTD. Company is the first grade decoration enterprise, we are the intergration of construction and design company.
                                Since its establishment, the company iscommitted to using advanced enterprise management methods, actively promote thegreen environment protection idea and advanced construction plan. Also, we strengthenoccupational health and safety management, quality management,  and environmental management systemcertification, to create green health program which can great improve thehumanities value and the service quality of new architectural decoration. Afteryears of devoted efforts and got the help from the numerous of peerenterprises, the company has developed into a high quality ranks. Companyinvolved in many fields including: real estate development, intelligent scienceand technology, industry diversification development group co., LTD.

                                  Company has obtained "Shenzhen entrepreneursassociation enterprise", "Entrepreneurs association executivedirector of Shenzhen enterprise", " Shenzhen Jinpeng prize indecoration association ", "Quality award of Guangdong province"and " Keep good faith enterprise in Guangdong province"and some other awards.


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